Schaumburg Area Property Manager

"How will A+ do what needs to be done in a cost-effective way?"

We study cost-control.  It's a passion.  

Regarding Policies & Manuals

We look to implement permanent solutions, so that you do not solve the same problem twice.  If you do not have a Policy Manual which covers everything from assessment collection to maintenance, then we will help build that for you.  We believe that a written plan provides value to your operations.

Regarding Bookkeeping & Records

​A+ provides 24/7 online access to accounting information, important communications, insurance info, vendor proposals, etc.  If you have the data, you can make informed decisions without wasting time.  You do not wait around for paper reports, and you do not pay for copies, postage, etc.  We leverage modern technology on your behalf to do the right thing for your budget.

Regarding The Physical Premises

​We are committed to bringing the most environmentally-friendly cost saving technologies to our client properties.  Green technologies are a win-win for everyone involved. LED lighting, for example is something we have been studying as a way to reduce electricity costs.  This is a fascinating article: 

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