The A+ Way

What is the A Plus strategy for association management?

​We are also our homeowners association presidents. We get it. This is what you want to know:

​Is A Plus going to make sure all the things that are supposed to happen will happen?
Will it get done in the most cost-effective way?

At the end of the day, we know the answers to those questions are the basis of community association management excellence.


  1. ​Streamline the bookkeeping: best available software, 24/7 online transparency of invoices, etc.; become very proactive about delinquency collections.
  2. Seek Owner input through committees & surveys, which provide feedback to the Board of Directors.
  3. Consult the existing reserve study or have a new one created.
  4. Budget for the future repair/replacement/maintenance needs noted in the reserve study.
  5. Hire great vendors. Hire the absolute best you can afford, meaning the vendors which provide the most value for the assessment dollar.​ 


Schaumburg Area Property Manager

Internally, we call our process "The A+ Way".  Because of our experience in real estate investing, we have developed detail-oriented methods which always maximize value for the dollar.  Managing homeowner communities is very similar to investing in real estate.  The goal is to raise or at least protect the property value.  We do not call ourselves "property" managers, internally.  We say, "asset" managers.


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​The concept is simple.  However, the implementation requires skill and a relentless approach to bringing value.  It is something we refer to internally as "The A Plus Way"™.

When you hire A Plus, in addition to committed, professional people, you are also purchasing our system: a written, proven process for successful community management. 

In the same way that a sports team hires a coach, in part, based on their playbook & program philosophy, we know you value people who have a plan! 

Please call today so that we can meet in person and present to you our passion for community association management.  You deserve an A+ level of service! 

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